Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro

In the vibrant tech landscape of 2022, Samsung made waves by unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro, sharing the spotlight with the exciting Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 launches. This new smartwatch duo brought a breath of fresh innovation to the forefront.

The Galaxy Watch 5 took the mantle from its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro stood as a brand-new entrant designed with a distinct focus on outdoor sports and an extended battery life.

However, as the industry’s gaze shifted towards the newer Galaxy Watch 6 series, the Watch 5 series, encompassing the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, remained relevant. Their age gracefully translated into affordability, providing a compelling combination of value and performance.

But how do these two models stack up against each other, and which one aligns better with your unique requirements? We’ve meticulously compared their specifications to offer you a clear perspective on the disparities, helping you discern whether the slightly higher price tag of the Pro model brings significant advantages.

To dive deeper into our insights, you can explore our in-depth reviews of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, where we share our hands-on experiences and impressions of these two remarkable smartwatches.

Price, Availability, and Specifications

Certainly, here’s the information:

ModelPrice (US)ConnectivitySize OptionsColor Options
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5$199Bluetooth40mm, 44mmGraphite, Silver, Pink Gold
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro$429 -11% and New Price $399.99Bluetooth45mmGray Titanium, Black Titanium

This table provides a quick overview of the key details regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, including their prices, connectivity options, size variations, and available color choices.

When exploring the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the factors of pricing, availability, and specifications play a significant role in making an informed choice. As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 takes the more budget-friendly route. The base model of the Watch 5, which features Bluetooth connectivity and sports a 40mm casing, now carries a price tag of just $199 in the US.

This marks a substantial reduction from its initial launch price, making it an attractive option for those who value affordability. On the other hand, the base model of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro currently comes in at $429 in the US, a bit pricier than its standard counterpart but still more affordable than its initial launch price.

The slightly higher cost can be attributed to the added features and the use of premium build materials in the Pro model, which brings you a more sophisticated smartwatch experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers versatility in terms of size, with two options: 40mm and 44mm. It also allows you to choose from a range of appealing color options, including Graphite, Silver, and Pink Gold. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro opts for a larger 45mm casing, giving it a bold presence on your wrist, and is available in two elegant color options: Gray Titanium and Black Titanium.

If you’re curious about the main specifications that set these two models apart, take a closer look at the detailed spec table below. We’ve also delved into more comprehensive explanations of their differences further down in this feature.

Here’s a glimpse of their core specs:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

These specifications give you an in-depth understanding of the unique features and capabilities each of these smartwatches brings to the table, empowering you to make an informed choice based on your specific preferences and needs.

Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro: A Stylish Showdown

Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro: A Stylish Showdown

When it comes to the design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 takes on a slightly sportier look compared to its counterpart, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The Pro model is notably bulkier and lacks the rotating bezel feature that some users appreciated in the Watch 4 Classic. Instead, both the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro feature a digital bezel and two functional buttons that enhance user interaction.

The Galaxy Watch 5 offers versatility in terms of size, with options of 40mm and 44mm cases. You can further personalize your style with a variety of color finishes for the aluminum case. Graphite and Silver are available in both size options, while Pink Gold is an exclusive choice for the 40mm model, and Sapphire is offered for the 44mm variant.

You also have a selection of wristband colors, including the unique Bora Purple for the 40mm model and Sapphire for the 44mm model.

In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in a single size, the robust 45mm option, making it the larger and thicker of the two. What sets it apart is the titanium case material, which not only contributes to its lightweight feel but also enhances durability.

All models in the Watch 5 series share a common feature – they are designed to withstand water with a 5ATM waterproof rating, perfect for tracking water-based activities. Additionally, they boast IP68 water and dust resistance and adhere to the MIL-STD-810H standards, ensuring they can endure various environmental conditions and impacts.

Among these choices, the design of the Pro model tends to stand out as a favorite. The lightweight titanium build not only feels great but also adds an extra layer of protection with the added ridge around the display, guarding it against impacts.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Watch 6 series didn’t entirely replace the Pro model, further solidifying its unique place within the Samsung watch lineup.

Displays: Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro

Displays Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro

When it comes to displays, the comparison between the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro unveils some intriguing details. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, the 40mm model features a 1.19-inch Super AMOLED display, boasting a commendable 396 x 396 pixel resolution. This configuration results in a pixel density of 330 pixels per inch (PPI), ensuring sharp visuals and vibrant colors.

On the other hand, the Watch 5 44mm model and Watch 5 Pro share a 1.36-inch Super AMOLED display, with a higher 450 x 450 pixel resolution, offering an identical pixel density of 330 PPI.

All these displays feature Sapphire Crystal Glass lenses, providing a premium and robust protective layer. However, it’s worth noting that the Watch 5 Pro takes it up a notch with its ‘enhanced’ crystal, elevating its strength and durability. The Pro model is recognized as being twice as tough as the Watch 4 series, making it a formidable choice for those seeking a reliable and resilient smartwatch.

In contrast, the Watch 5 models offer a 1.6x toughness improvement over their predecessors, ensuring they can handle the rigors of daily wear with confidence.

Features Comparison: Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Watch 5 Pro

When it comes to comparing the features of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, it’s apparent that both smartwatches share a common foundation. They were both launched with an updated version of Wear OS 3, embellished with Samsung’s One UI, delivering a remarkably similar user interface and overall experience.

The array of features they offer is extensive, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking that dives into REM stages, fall detection, and a wide array of sports modes, making them versatile companions for fitness enthusiasts. These features, including ECG, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, and body composition analysis, are a carryover from the Watch 4 series.

Furthermore, the 2022 models introduce notable improvements. One standout enhancement is the updated sleep tracking interface, providing users with a more comprehensive and insightful view of their sleep patterns, along with valuable guidance on how to enhance their sleep quality.

However, it’s the Watch 5 Pro that truly shines with its unique set of dedicated features, catering to outdoor enthusiasts. For those who relish trail running, hiking, or other outdoor activities, the Pro model takes the lead. It empowers users to pinpoint locations on a map and introduces a ‘Track Back’ feature, providing reassurance in retracing your steps if you venture off the familiar path.

Additionally, after an intense cardio workout, the Watch 5 Pro tracks your recovery heart rate to gauge your post-exercise recovery and offers guidance on optimal hydration levels to replenish your body effectively. These exclusive features set the Pro model apart as the ideal choice for those with a penchant for outdoor adventures.

Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro: A Battery Battle

Galaxy Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro: A Battery Battle

When it comes to the battery, the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro paints a distinct picture. Both models are available in Bluetooth-only and LTE versions, ensuring connectivity options that cater to individual preferences.

The Watch 5 series brings an upgrade in this department, with the 40mm model sporting a 284mAh battery, marking a notable improvement over the Watch 4’s 247mAh battery. The 44mm model takes it even further with a robust 410mAh battery, ensuring extended usage on a single charge.

Now, the Watch 5 Pro truly shines in the battery department, boasting a substantial 590mAh battery capacity. This significant difference in battery size means you can expect an impressive three to four days of battery life on a full charge, a noticeable leap from the one to two days typically seen in other models. This unique battery prowess is what sets the Watch 5 Pro apart, even in comparison to the newer Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. It proudly holds the title of Samsung’s most long-lasting watch on a single charge, making a substantial difference in the overall user experience.

Both Watch 5 models share the same Exynos W920 hardware, providing robust performance. Additionally, they come equipped with a comprehensive range of sensors, including a blood oxygen sensor, electrical and optical heart rate sensors, body composition analysis, skin temperature sensor, and standard features like a barometer, gyroscope, built-in GPS, and compass. This combination ensures that both models deliver a feature-rich and capable smartwatch experience, tailored to the needs of the modern user.


In conclusion, the choice between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro boils down to your requirements and priorities. The Watch 5 Pro, while carrying a higher price tag, proves to be a compelling option for a broader audience. Its substantial battery capacity not only extends usage but also offers superior durability with premium materials. This, combined with its standout performance, positions it as one of the most noteworthy Wear OS devices to date.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers exceptional value for your investment. It runs on the latest Google software and incorporates Samsung’s robust health-tracking features, making it a cost-effective alternative. If budget considerations are a factor, the Watch 5 delivers a feature-rich experience without compromising your wallet.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on your priorities. Opt for the Watch 5 Pro if you crave extended battery life and premium materials, or choose the Galaxy Watch 5 for a more budget-friendly yet feature-packed smartwatch experience. Regardless of your choice, both models offer impressive features and performance in their own right, ensuring you have a reliable companion on your wrist.

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