Master & Dynamic MW09 review: Exceptional Materials, Impeccable Clarity

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Master & Dynamic MW09 review: Embark on a sonic journey with Master & Dynamic’s latest triumph, The MW09 true wireless earbuds. Priced at $349 or $399, these earbuds boast a design that feels like an old friend but packs a punch with upgraded sound quality, active noise cancellation (ANC), and call performance.

After a bumpy start, the company has hit its stride, showcasing significant improvements with the MW08 Sport. Crafted with premium materials synonymous with Master & Dynamic, these earbuds stand out, even if their starting price might be a tad higher than the rest. Elevate your audio experience with a blend of style and substance, as Master & Dynamic continues to redefine the standard for high-quality audio.



Master & Dynamic MW09 Wireless Earbuds Design

MW09 Wireless Earbuds

Master & Dynamic maintains the timeless design of its earbuds, retaining the familiar D-shaped housing for that classic feel. While a subtle aesthetic upgrade adds a circular element housing the iconic “M” branding, it’s important to note that this is purely cosmetic – No extra buttons or touch panels here.

The controls stick to the tried-and-true formula, with a volume rocker on the left and a versatile multi-function button for playback and calls on the right. Volume controls also double as the gateway to ambient sound and ANC, easily toggled with a long press, though it’s a straightforward on/off function, not a cycle-through option.

In the realm of materials, Master & Dynamic’s commitment to luxury remains unwavering. Departing from traditional leather and metal, the MW09 adopts a sleek mix of aluminum and sapphire glass, housed in a shiny aluminum charging case. For those seeking an extra touch, a Kevlar option is available, albeit at an additional $50 cost.

Despite the opulent details, the MW09 doesn’t compromise on durability, boasting an IP54 rating for resistance against dust and moisture, while the case holds a respectable IPX4 rating. True to their dedication to user comfort, Master & Dynamic goes above and beyond, offering a variety of fit options, including five sizes of silicone tips and two sizes of foam tips right in the box. Elevate your audio experience with the perfect blend of style, substance, and personalized comfort that the MW09 brings to the table.

Features and Software

Unlock a world of personalization with the MW09 through the intuitive M&D Connect app. Seamless customization awaits as the app unveils essential details on the main screen, presenting battery life for both the earbuds and the case with just a tap after selecting your connected device.

Navigate effortlessly with a gear icon in the top right, leading you to a treasure trove of sound presets, a fully adjustable EQ, and ambient sound controls – all neatly organized under the Sound menu. Delve deeper into the Settings menu for added flexibility, where you can choose to disable in-ear detection, set the auto-off timer, and even conduct an acoustic earbud seal test. Manage your Bluetooth connections effortlessly, with multipoint support ensuring a hassle-free experience.

While the options won’t overwhelm you, Master & Dynamic strikes a perfect balance, offering essential features like sidetone for call clarity and the ability to disable audio prompts. Revel in the simplicity of a well-rounded customization experience, including three settings each for active noise cancellation and ambient mode, ensuring your MW09 adapts perfectly to your preferences. Elevate your audio journey with the power of personalized control at your fingertips.

Specifications, Cost, and Product Availability

Step into the future of immersive audio with the latest noise-cancelling earphones from Master & Dynamic. Secure your piece of audio excellence by pre-ordering today, with the official release date set for November 22. Choose your style with options for either the sleek aluminum case at $349 or the robust Kevlar case at $399. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience superior sound quality – reserve yours now and be among the first to elevate your audio journey with Master & Dynamic’s cutting-edge technology.

Price$349 (Aluminium case) / $399 (Kevlar case)
Battery Life12 hours with ANC on, 16 hours without, 32 hours extra in the case
Microphones6 with wind-reduction technology
Supported CodecsAAC, LC3, SBC, AptX Lossless, AptX Adaptive, Auracast Ready
BluetoothVersion 5.4
IP RatingIP54 (buds) / IPX4 (case)
Driver Size11mm Beryllium
Dimensions (earbuds)20.3 x 21.5 x 21 mm
Charging PortType-C and Wireless
SensorsIn-ear light sensors
Noise CancellationHybrid ANC
Earbud Weight8.1g each
Charging Case Weight62.5g (Aluminium) / 50.5g (Kevlar)
Maximum Play TimeUp to 48 hours

Audio Clarity and Noise Suppression

Experience the joy of Master & Dynamic’s consistent tuning, characterized by a love for balanced, natural sound that exudes clarity. The MW09, a testament to this commitment, showcases an exquisite attention to detail, particularly evident in albums like Chris Stapleton’s Higher. Revel in the textured bluesy rock riffs and subtle nuances like the decay in the snare drum, effortlessly brought to life on the MW09, standing out in a league of its own among other earbuds. The MW09 truly excels with genres such as country rock, bluegrass, and classic jazz, offering a rich and layered experience even with more intense styles like metal.

In the realm of sound customization, the MW09 caters to diverse preferences with its Audiophile sound preset, emphasizing treble and mids for an even more tailored auditory experience. The microphone and sensor setup, optimized for ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), takes center stage with new adaptive noise-blocking algorithms for enhanced performance. Master & Dynamic introduces three distinct presets — Max ANC, All Day ANC, and Adaptive ANC — catering to various noise settings, ensuring optimal performance in different environments.

While the Max ANC option reigns supreme in combating distractions, it’s important to note its impact on battery life. Additionally, the MW09’s ANC struggles at volumes below 50 percent, with the persistent presence of ambient sounds. Immerse yourself in a world of nuanced sound and cutting-edge technology with the Master & Dynamic MW09.

Voice Clarity and Ambient Sound

Master & Dynamic introduces an innovative “AI-enhanced” voice setup for calls, boasting six microphones and wind reduction to ensure optimal clarity during your conversations. While many earbud manufacturers promise pristine performance, the MW09 stands out by effectively reducing background noise. Despite the commendable noise reduction, it’s worth noting that the overall clarity may not match the bold claims made by M&D. Although suitable for casual chats, you might find yourself wanting something more robust for work-related voice and video calls.

To prevent inadvertently raising your voice, the MW09 offers three ambient sound modes, a thoughtful feature to maintain a natural conversation tone. The accompanying app allows you to incorporate Sidetone, amplifying your voice, although this feature is most effective when not in ANC mode.

Among the ambient modes, the Voice preset emerges as a standout choice, excelling in both calls and environmental awareness. The MW09 caters to various preferences with additional options like the more general Natural mode and an “enhanced” Awareness tuning. While M&D’s transparency mode might not match the natural sound of Apple’s AirPods Pro, it surpasses the average standard, offering a unique auditory experience.

Battery life

Master & Dynamic enhances the MW09’s battery life, surpassing its predecessor, the MW08 Sport, by two hours with ANC activated. With noise cancellation turned off, enjoy an additional four hours compared to the MW08 Sport, boasting an impressive 12 hours versus the previous 10.

The MW09 also extends its longevity with an extra two hours stored in the charging case, totaling up to an impressive 32 hours, in contrast to the MW08 Sport’s 30. Experience the convenience of a quick charge feature, granting you two hours of use in just five minutes, reaching a 50 percent charge in a mere 20 minutes.

In real-world testing, with the All Day noise-canceling setting engaged and the volume set at approximately 85 percent, the MW09 clocked in at 10 hours. Although this is at a higher volume level than the average, it’s essential to note that these earbuds generally operate at a quieter range compared to their competitors, requiring a slightly elevated volume for an optimal experience.

While the 12-hour figure represents an average runtime in various scenarios and codecs at a volume of just over 50 percent, reaching that level wasn’t sufficient for some users. Despite not quite hitting the stated number, the MW09’s 10-hour lifespan still positions it at the upper echelon of premium earbuds available today. For context,

Sony’s flagship model manages eight hours, and Bose achieves six, both with ANC activated.


Master & Dynamic MW09 presents a refined take on their well-established formula, with notable adjustments in sound profile and customization features. The enhanced ambient sound mode and seamless multipoint Bluetooth connectivity contribute to an improved user experience. While the MW09 excels in providing a more natural sound and boasts premium materials, its ANC performance is satisfactory, and call quality falls within the average spectrum.

For enthusiasts who appreciate a distinct audio profile and top-tier materials, the MW09 offers a compelling option. However, if budget considerations are paramount, choices in the market may provide a more cost-effective balance without compromising essential features. Ultimately, the MW09 caters to those who prioritize a nuanced auditory experience and luxury build but may not be the optimal choice for those seeking the best value for their investment.

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